Cacao Flakes - the versatile cacao product for enhanced flavour and aroma

Introducing Cacao Flakes - a versatile product developed by our family in Brazil for the brewing and gastronomic industry. These flakes are minimally processed from cacao and can be used for brewing stout beers, providing a large contact area to enhance flavour transfer to the beer. With a low-fat content, Cacao Flakes allow for the perfect formation of cream. At the same time, their excellent filtration qualities ensure quick settling and easy drainage, making it possible to use them in bags, too.

There is a big difference between nibs and cacao powder. Nibs contain 48% to 60% fat, and the cacao powder is very alkaline, making the beer unattractive. However, the Cacao Flakes have only 10% fat, a much larger contact area, better flavour control, and good decant filtration.

For optimal extraction of aromas and flavours, a temperature of 78°C is ideal, triggering the Maillard reaction.

Cacao Flakes can be used at all stages of beer production, from mashing and boiling to maturation, though the best flavour results can be achieved during mashing. External circulation, however, is not recommended.

Try cacao Flakes today and elevate your brewing game to a new level.